By the Bloom is pleased to announce that the Bloom Truck is now available for parties: birthdays, graduation, baby & bridal showers, launch events, movie premieres, weddings and more! Each package can be personalized to fit any type of event. Please see below for the various packages and options with Tara Grand, Floral Designer:


It’s All Done For You (Pre-made)

Tara will design a beautiful pre-made piece for each guest. These unique and stylish creations will include crowns, bracelets, rings, necklaces and pins. Whether you are looking to add something special to your wedding photos or lessen the stress before your pre-prom extravaganza, Tara will have everything ready for you by the time the festivities begin. The instantly wearable designs will add a pop of color to accessorize any event with the freshest in season blooms available. 2 hour timeframe.
Up to 15 pieces from $375
16 – 30 pieces from $525
31 – 50 pieces from $750
50+ call for quote

Custom Create (Custom On-Site)

Give your guests the opportunity to let their originality shine through. Tara will take on-site requests to help party-goers create their dream piece. Give your boho-chic sweet sixteen or New Year’s Eve masquerade bash a personalized touch by letting guests design their own party accessories. A striking assortment of fresh flowers will be provided for a truly breathtaking bloom selection. 2 hour timeframe.
Up to 15 pieces from $475
16 – 30 pieces from $625
31 + call for quote (additional time required)

Learn to Create (DIY/Do It Yourself)

Tara will guide guests through the fun process of designing and assembling their own crowns, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and pins. Give a new twist to those old party games and make your event one to remember. Instead of making onesies at the baby shower, try designing some mini flower crowns or adorable diaper decorations. Forget pin the tail on the donkey and pin the boutonniere on the groom for a unique wedding shower alternative. A colorful and lush pre-prepared assortment of fresh flowers will allow each guest to light their creative spark and show off their unique sense of style. 2 hour minimum.
Up to 10 guests from $425
11 – 15 guests from $525
Larger parties call for quote

The Gift of Flowers

What better way to say thank you for attending than the gift of a beautiful arrangement? Guests at your graduation party will love their bloom bracelets made of fresh flowers in the school colors. Or, give your wedding guests mini versions of the centerpieces to let them experience the ambiance of your reception hall for days to come. Tara will give flowers from the Bloom truck to arriving or departing guests as a way to start or end your event in style. Client can pre-select the flower(s) and style to create a custom piece with finesse and flair.
From $500 and prices depend on flowers, quantities and presentation client chooses as well as time required onsite.


Tara will lead an exclusive hands-on tutorial for up to 10 guests. Whether it be a flower crown seminar before festival season or unique retreat for company bonding, a day of flower-filled fun is guaranteed. A full spread of gorgeous blooms will be provided for one of the following: hand tied bouquets; bridal bouquets & boutonnieres; centerpieces; crowns/halos.
½ Day $250 per student
Full Day $500 per student

* Prices quoted are subject to 9% sales tax and are a starting point. Clients are welcome to custom create the pieces with Tara in advance and choose the specific flowers for pre-made pieces. Prices will be based on flower selection. Any additional time over the 2 hours included in each package will be $150 per hour.

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